ABL2DB is an application created by Dr Thomas Mercer-Hursh for analysing the code base of your application. Legacy applications are often faced with difficult problems of maintenance and enhancement. This difficulty arises because of the lack of meaningful documentation and bad coding practices in the legacy code. When one wants to make enhancements or changes, it can be difficult to identify all affected areas and the full impact of the change. When trying to correct bad legacy coding, it can be difficult to understand the code, making it hard to design good replacement code. We will illustrate the use of ABL2DB to solve this kind of problem, including cleaning up shared variables, migrating database columns from integer to int64, identifying unused database components, and tracking block scope for buffers and transactions.

On 8th June 2015 Thomas presented a paper at PUG Challenge Americas that we jointly prepared, using the application I work with on a daily basis as a case study. 

Slides: howcanifixthat_20150611.pdf

Code and output for sample reports can be found at http://www.oehive.org/ABL2DB_Reports

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